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The Center for Educational Exchange with Viet Nam (CEEVN) and
Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP)
in Viet Nam

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IFP Application Checklist and Instructions


Application must be typed and sent to:

Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam (CEEVN)

Số 5, Ng 52 Giang Văn Minh, Quận Ba Đnh

H nội, Việt nam

Tel. (84-4) 3723-6825 or 3722-4872 Fax: (84-4) 3723-6827

E-mail: ifp@ceevn.org


Application Package Checklist

The following parts are included within a complete application package:

Completed Application Form

3 letters of reference

Notarized copies of Transcripts and all complete University Degree

Detailed instructions for completing each part:


A) Application Form

The IFP application is a bilingual form in English and Vietnamese. The English text precedes the Vietnamese equivalent. Applicants may use either English or Vietnamese to complete the form. The applicants must type on the IFP form provided. Reformatting this form is not acceptable. Incomplete, handwritten and reformatted application will be rejected. Applicants must sign the applications.


The completed IFP application will determine which applicants have the academic preparation, intellectual ability, experience, and motivation to undertake a full-time accredited post baccalaureate degree program in any part of the world.


Note to applicants: You are expected to write short essays to answer questions in the application. These essays provide important means for the Selection Committee to learn about you. Carefully address your academic interests and objectives, past and current professional experiences, and future goals. Please feel free to add any other relevant information or include details that you think will strengthen your application. Keep in mind that the Selection Committee is familiar with Vietnam and the region. Your essays should not describe broad economic events but instead should focus on you and issues that directly impact your personal contributions to your community.



B) Letters of Reference

You should choose three people who know you extremely well and are in a position to observe and evaluate your work skills and academic ability. At least one referee must be from a formal academic institution. Referees should write a detailed letter that accurately evaluates your qualifications. A letter that only states that you are a good person and should get a fellowship, without explaining your qualifications, will have little weight.


You should send a Letter of Reference form and a CEEVN self-addressed envelope provided in the IFP Application Form package to each referee. Your referee may choose to write his/her reference in Vietnamese or English. The referee should enclose the reference letter in the provided envelope and sign his or her name across the seal to ensure its confidentiality. The sealed envelope should be returned to you so that you can submit it with the rest of your application. If for some reason the letter cannot be returned directly to you then the referee should send it directly to the IFP Program at CEEVN at the address shown on the envelope.


Text Box: You must make every effort to submit all three letters of reference and your completed application with accompanied documents by the deadline. If you are unable to do so, please include a letter that indicates how many letters of reference have been submitted and when you expect to be able to submit the rest.



C) Transcripts and Diplomas

You should enclose notarized copies of all transcripts and diplomas from post-secondary schools that you have attended. You should also submit copies of certificates or other proofs of additional training and awards.



The IFP does not return application dossiers.